Two captains one boat

One day …

One day at January I watched TV. Next refugees drowned. Too many migrants died. I took a phone and made a call to my good friend Captain Mucha. I said, listen, we are working as professional Captains so, we know how to rescue them at sea. A lot of fantastic volunteers waiting for them at Greek coasts but they will not help them miles away from beaches. How about Greek Coast Guards and ships from other countries – asked my friend. I told, they all are making very good job, every day and every night. But it’s not enough. We’ve learned how to sail in hard condition, communicate with Coast Guards, rescue people and we have some pocket money. So, what are we doing home? Let’s talk to some captains, take volunteers and go where can do something for others in need. Captain Mucha told only, why we didn’t come up with this earlier?

And that’s how we started.

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