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Amnesty International

We are just a group of sailors connected by one idea. Let’s find some partners!

One of most active organization is Amnesty International. They are doing a lot of great jobs and fight for human rights. Beside this I’m a member of this organization so, I’ll go there with a kind of a member initiative.

Directors of Amnesty are very busy persons. However they found a time for our project and we met on January 8th in their office. We had a nice talk and as I feel they fully accept our project. They have to discuss it with their Head Quarter but I hope they will support us. We’ll not get any money but they help us with volunteers and news broadcasting. It’s more then then I expected.


Amnesty International on Monday criticized Europe’s failure to stop migrant deaths in the Aegean Sea as the death toll from ramshackle boats sinking off Greece rises daily.

“Inertia and the lack of political will cost lives in the Aegean,” the international rights watchdog’s Greek branch said in a statement.

“How many drowned refugees and how many dead children are required to activate European ‘values?’” asked Amnesty’s Greek branch chief, Yiorgos Kosmopoulos.

As I see, we speak the same language and feel the same.


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